Customer-Friendly touch Design

Variable capacity is available through variable speed because an inverter is basically built in Turbo Blower.
Therefore the great advantage is that it does not operate at the fixpoint but actively changes operating points
through PLC control in accordance with field conditions.
It provides alarm and protection for risk conditions as well as monitoring of the operating condition.
Its communication function enables a user to operate local and remote control.

variable operating mode

The Turbo Blower changes the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the high-speed motor
and the rotational speed of the impeller through the frequency conversion of the inverter.
It also intuitively controls the blower through the programmable logic controller (PLC) system,
depending on situations of the field, thereby offering users with various operation modes.

Remote Monitoring sytem

The Turbo Blower operates locally through the built-in PLC system and remote operation,
as well through communication between PLC systems. In particular,
the self-developed ICP of ACE TURBO enables simultaneous operation or monitor of up to five blowers.
It allows a user to operate or monitor a blower in an office by connecting to the customer’s MCP through communication.