Turbo Blowers Manufacturer

The official name of Turbo Blower is “high-speed motor direct coupled centrifugal blower with air bearings.”
A compression unit of Turbo Blower is directly coupled to a high-speed motor, and
it doesn’t have a power transmission system such as V-Belt or multiplying gear, thereby having high efficiency and hardly causing vibration.
In addition, it provides a wide operation range and various operation modes because it is equipped
with an inverter that allows a user to change the pressure and flow rate by field requirements.
It also features very low noise because a compression unit is surrounded by an enclosure with sound-absorbing materials.
Turbo Blower mainly features 20 to 40% of energy saving, low noise of 85 dBA or less,
and oil-free operation compared to existing blowers.

Energy Saving

A certification of high-efficiency energy using an appliance from the Korea Energy Management Corporation was obtained by applying
high-efficiency compressor and motor, and achieving an overall efficiency of 65% or higher for the all models.
It shows an average energy-saving effect of 40% or higher compared to the displacement root’s blower.
Variable capacity through the change of inverter frequency allows an additional energy-saving effect of 10% or higher.

variable capacity

An inverter can have defects caused by the degradation and oxidation of exposed wires rather than by internal elements.
Therefore, the compression unit and the electric unit (including the inverter) can be separated and installed in conditions
with a high ambient temperature or toxic and corrosive gases. It uses a non-contact air bearing.

Low noise

By installing an inlet silencer (ACE Turbo’s patent) in the inlet flow channel,
the noise of all models becomes 80 dBA or lower, applying a unique acoustic isolation structure in the cabinet (based on KS B 6350).
It uses a non-contact air bearing.

low vibration

A centrifugal blower that sucks in and discharges air sequentially, and it has approximately zero vibration.
It does not require vibration-proof and fixation construction for products.
However, vibration-proof and fixation construction are recommended if there are frequent earthquakes or there is an intense shaking
in the surrounding environment. 10% or higher.

easy operation

Turbo Blower produces the desired pressure and air volume by setting the rotating speed of high-speed motor and
impeller at the desired speed through the variable frequency of the inverter. Basically,
variable capacity is available. Variable operation modes—including constant operation, proportional operation,
constant-pressure operation, DO operation, etc.,—according to customers’ needs are available.
User convenience is also increased by developing an ACE operation mode that integrates proportional operation, constant-pressure operation,
and quantitative operation into one. It uses a non-contact air bearing.

low maintenance cast

It is not necessary to use lubricants regularly or replace bearings.
It is easy to maintain as it only requires periodic cleaning or replacement of the inlet filter. It uses a non-contact air bearing.